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Discover • Monitor • Interpret

Rulemaking is the policy-making process for Executive and Independent agencies of the Federal government. Agencies use this process to develop and issue Rules (also known as “Regulations”).  On average, Federal agencies and departments issue nearly 8,000 regulations per year on various interests and industries. As part of each rule-making process, extensive data is collected from various participants including public comments. The amount of data collected in “Dockets” for each rule can be staggering. However, this data can be a valuable source of intelligence for interested stakeholders. The problem; such large datasets are difficult to harness and even harder to synthesize into meaningful and actionable intelligence. Until now…

GRA Platform is a powerful, web-based, analytics platform that provides Government Relations and Advocacy professionals the ability to Discover, Monitor and Gain Actionable Intelligence from the sea of data stemming from the federal government regulatory process.  

Gain Insight

By mining and compiling the raw data collected from the comments and related documents database of proposed regulations, GRP Platform enables strategic decision makers to identify valuable intel hidden within this huge volume of data, and make better informed choices – faster.

Identify Issues & Opportunities

Uncover trends and key issues being considered in the federal regulatory process that may affect your industry, organization or client.

Comprehend Regulatory Sentiment

GRA Platform’s sentiment analysis uses natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics to detect positive and negative expressions from the regulatory actions, supporting documents, and public comments made in regards proposed regulations. This information can be used to develop more effective comment strategies or to monitor opposition/competitor strategies.

For Business

“The business value at stake from government and regulatory intervention is huge: about 30 percent of earnings for companies in most industries.”

– McKinsey Quarterly

GRA Platform delivers comprehensive and accelerated intelligence of your company’s regulatory environment and allows stakeholders to effectively consider  impacts, manage policy positions and optimize messaging for effective influence.

For Associations & Nonprofits

Provides leadership with a tool to help discern issue trends and their public sentiment, protect member interests with timely insight to influence outcomes, and identify coalition partners and/or opposition and their tactics.

For Gov. Relations / Lobbying Firms

Helps your firm proactively monitor, manage, and understand issues that can affect your client’s interests. Demonstrate the value that your firm provides by including detailed insights, extracted from GRA Platform, in client reports.

Watson, Regendus & Natural Language Processing (NLP)


At the heart of GRA Platform lies Regendus™, which is built on Watson™, IBM’s supercomputer that combines sophisticated analytical software and artificial intelligence to perform as a “question answering” machine. Regendus was specially configured to drive insights using Watson’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) functions, the complex computing process of analyzing, understanding and deriving meaning from immense volumes of human language text. Using NLP, Regendus is able to extract hidden value from large language datasets, providing actionable intelligence in the form of trend monitoring, entity recognition, relationship extraction, sentiment analysis, and topic recognition & segmentation.

What can YOUR data tell you?

If your organization has a specific dataset that it would like to mine for useful strategic insight, GRA Platform’s Enterprise custom services can develop a pipeline into your data to help you uncover intelligence, empower decisions and make you smarter.

Other Features

No Hardware/Software Setup

GRA Platform is cloud-based Service-as-a-Software (SaaS). Does not require special hardware or software installations.

No Long Term Contracts

Monthly billing of your account is affordable and keeps you flexible.

Data Exporting

Download reports and raw data as CSV.

Fast & Easy To Access

From a bookmark in your web browser, a wealth of data is easily accessible.

Discover, Monitor, Interpret

GRA Platform transforms mountains of federal rulemaking data into operational intelligence.

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